• SERV-121 FY Service Learning Sem (0)

    First seminar in the Service Scholars learning sequence. Provides continuing preparation and skill building for structured volunteerism and exposure to social issues.

    Attributes: YLIB ZCIV
    Restrictions: Including: -Class: Freshman -Attribute: Service Scholar
  • SERV-130C FY Service Learning Sem (.5)

    This seminar introduces students to the academic area of community engagement. Fisher Service Scholars should be enrolled in SERV 130C during the spring semester of their first-year.

    Attributes: YLIB ZCIV
    Pre-requisites: SERV-121 D-
    Restrictions: Including: -Attribute: Service Scholar
  • SERV-334 SR Service Learning Sem (.5)

    This seminar, for seniors completing the Service Scholarship program, typically uses a one-day workshop format. Students need to be designated as Service Scholars to enroll.

    Attributes: YLIB ZCIV
    Restrictions: Including: -Class: Senior -Attribute: Service Scholar
  • SERV-495 Service Proj Indep Study (1 TO 3)

    This course will involve a separate community service or leadership experience. Completion of the Independent Study/Tutorial Authorization form is required. See the College Policy on Independent Study.

    Attributes: YLIB
    Restrictions: Including: -Attribute: Service Scholar

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