David Baronov (Sociology), Chair

The anthropology department strives to provide students with a broadly comparative and comprehensive approach to the study of humanity. This generalist approach fulfills the University's mission as a liberal arts institution, which, among other things, emphasizes an understanding and appreciation of the value of human diversity.

Anthropology is divided into four sub-disciplines:

Cultural anthropology — comparative analysis of contemporary societies involving cultural value, social expression, and structural organization

Biological anthropology — scientific evaluation of human origins, evolution, and both genetic and phenotypic variation

Linguistic anthropology — assessment of the social function and expressive variation of language, as well as its biological production and acquisition

Archeology — reconstruction and interpretation of past human civilizations and cultural change

By preparing students in cultural anthropology, biological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, and archaeology, the department provides them with the broad perspective necessary to deal with complex human issues.


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