Mark McKinzie, Chair

The mission of the department is to provide an inclusive environment that promotes student success and intellectual engagement in mathematics, statistics, and computer science. We value the interdisciplinary nature of studies in these fields. Our programs provide preparation for graduate work and careers in these and related fields. We support students across the University in applying mathematical, statistical, and computational techniques in their inquiries and explorations. We provide students with a foundation for ethical citizenship built on the use of data and the analysis of evidence so they can engage meaningful questions. In addition to problem solving skills, we help students learn to collaborate and communicate so they can apply their skills to investigate problems in local and global communities where clear, logical, evidence-based reasoning and inquiry are needed. The mathematics program aims to do the following:

  • Offer students the opportunity to engage classical and modern mathematics;
  • Prepare mathematics majors for careers in business, industry, or government, graduate work in mathematics and related disciplines, or teaching certification; and
  • Provide supporting courses in areas of pure and applied mathematics for general education and other disciplines.

The major in mathematics may lead to either the Bachelor of Arts degree or the Bachelor of Science degree. Students wishing to pursue actuarial mathematics should choose the actuarial option within the Bachelor of Science degree path.


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