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Legal Studies at Fisher

The legal studies major examines the questions of law from many angles and is excellent preparation for careers in law or law school. Students in the major are encouraged to take advantage of the Pre-Law Association, Mock Trial, funding through the Michael M. Moran legal studies scholarship and personalized advising. Legal studies students may also be interested in the 3+3 Legal Education Admissions Program (LEAP). In conjunction with the State University of Buffalo School of Law and  Syracuse University College of Law, Fisher offers the opportunity for qualified students to earn a bachelor of arts degree and a juris doctor degree over the course of approximately six years of full-time study. See the Pre-law Experience section for more information.

The legal studies major is one of two majors offered by the Department of Political Science and Legal Studies. It is multidisciplinary in its focus. The legal studies major is for Fisher students who have broad and varied interests in the relationship between law and society; who may be seriously considering attending law school or graduate school after completing their undergraduate degrees; or who are interested in an array of careers such as paralegal, lobbying, union organizing, and government service, where some basic knowledge of law and legal systems is important.

The legal studies major is designed to introduce students to substantive knowledge about law and society (broadly defined), with an emphasis on law’s societal, political, and humanities contexts. The legal studies major also builds students’ analytical and communication skills, necessary for doing well in law school, graduate school, or the workplace.

The legal studies major is a bachelor of arts program.

Legal Studies

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