Monica D. Litzenberger (Economics), Campus Liaison

St. John Fisher University is an affiliated institution with The Washington Center (TWC), a nonprofit educational organization in the nation’s capital that facilitates internship opportunities for hundreds of college students annually at any one of hundreds of governmental, private, diplomatic, business, or educational organizations. Students who are admitted to the program are enrolled at Fisher with all their financial aid but live in Washington, D.C., for the semester. They are enrolled in three concurrent courses, numbered 475, 476, and 477, and earn 12 to 16 credit hours toward graduation.

Currently, many departments participate in The Washington Experience. These include: American studies, anthropology, media and communication, economics, English, history, international studies, management, psychology, and sociology. Students from other departments may still take advantage of this program, but must arrange with their department advisor and chair to set up the courses.

Eligibility: Students interested in this program should consult with their departmental advisor and the TWC-Fisher liaison (Dr. Monica Litzenberger) to plan their academic schedule well in advance. Qualifications are junior status or above, a minimum 3.00 GPA (overall and in the major), and written consent of the academic advisor, department chair, and the TWC-Fisher liaison. Students with a GPA between 2.75 and 3.00 may apply if they have the written support of both their academic advisor and their department chair. Application forms may be obtained from Dr. Litzenberger or directly from the Center at www.twc.edu.

Costs: There is an application fee of $60 payable to TWC; Fisher tuition is payable to the University as it would otherwise be. Students are responsible for their transportation to Washington, meals, housing costs, and incidental expenses while living in Washington. TWC does offer furnished apartments in Arlington, Virginia, at a rent comparable with housing costs in the area. There are scholarship and stipend opportunities for selected internships; see Dr. Litzenberger or visit the Center at www.twc.edu.

Application deadlines are usually in the middle part of the semester prior to the internship semester (April–May for fall internships, October–November for spring internships).

The Washington Experience: Fisher Semester in Washington

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