Stephen Brauer (English), Chair

The Public and Professional Writing Certificate offers students the academic and experiential background that will demonstrate their credentials for excellence in workplace writing.

With a mix of courses that range from advanced writing and communication classes to internships, students have opportunities to learn and apply their writing skills in a variety of contexts – digital creation, public relations, science and technical writing, journalism and more. The certificate also features courses with experiential learning projects and community partnerships where students gain valuable experience writing with and for public and professional audiences.

Students will consult and conduct research to inform their writing strategies and message development and placement in order to effectively communicate with their intended audiences. For the culminating experience, students complete a writing-intensive internship and a portfolio to highlight and document their accomplishments.

When students graduate, the certificate provides evidence of the work students have produced in their time at St. John Fisher University that they can have in hand as they enter the job marketplace.

Public and Professional Writing (Certificate)

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