Robert Dunbar (Religious Studies), Program Director

The international studies program is designed to provide students with a unique interdisciplinary perspective that will enable them to understand and creatively address a wide array of contemporary world issues and prepare them to work in an increasingly competitive global arena. As it is an interdisciplinary major, students in international studies will select an areas of concentration and take a series of courses in history, politics, world religions, economics, and other fields. Additionally, students I international studies will study a foreign language of their choice. Students will build their skills as critical thinkers and researchers throughout the course of their studies, culminating in the senior year capstone research project that will require them to present and argue an original thesis concerning a topic of international significance. Ultimately, the international studies program at St. John Fisher University prepares students to pursue a wide variety of careers in governmental and non-governmental agencies, education, law, business, and international communications, or to progress to graduate studies.

International Studies

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