Minor in Religious Studies

Prospective minors must consult with the Chair of the Religious Studies Department. With the assistance of the Chair, students plan a series of 6 courses totaling 18 credits:

The Religious Studies Minor: Six (6) religious studies courses (18 credit hours).


Introductory Course (3 cr)

  • REST 123 What is Religion?

REST 300-level course (3 cr)

  • Choose ONE
    • REST 325 Spirituality & Health (3 cr)
    • REST 352 Marriage & Sexuality (3 cr)
    • REST 386 Morality in Business (3 cr)
    • REST 387 Medical Ethics & Society (3 cr)

REST Electives (12 cr)

  • Choose FOUR (in any combination)
    • REST Non-Core courses: No more than 1 course at 100-level
    • REST Non-Core courses at 200-level or higher
    • REST Core Exploration courses (2XXX)
    • REST Core Culmination courses (3990, 4990)
      In consultation with Religious Studies faculty, students who select a non-REST Core
      Culmination course, will be required to expand upon the research and writing completed
      in the original paper to include a religious studies component.

Total: 18 credits

Notes on the Religious Studies Minor

  • Courses for the minor are selected in consultation with the Department Chair or Departmental Faculty Advisor.
  • No courses from the foundational areas of the Fisher Core may apply. These areas include Learning Community, Research-Based Writing, and Data Analysis courses.
  • No more than two courses taken to meet a student’s major requirements may be applied to the religious studies minor.
  • A grade point average of 2.00 is required for all courses taken in residence that may be applied to the minor.
  • The program requirements listed are for the current academic year. Past and future program requirements may differ. Visit the catalog website to access current and past catalogs.

Religious Studies

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