Program Requirements

Honors Program


Specialized Honors Courses – 5 credits

  • HNRS 101 – Honors Seminar I (1)
  • HNRS 1299 – Research Based Writing (3)
  • HNRS 201 – Honors Seminar II (1)

HNRS Core Courses – 12 credits

  • Four 3–credit 2000-level HNRS courses that may also fulfill Fisher Core requirements*

Keystone Experiences – 3 credits

Content of these courses is customized by the students for advanced work in their majors, travel, service interests, or other kinds of Honors-based involvement.

    • HNRS 470 or 472 – Keystone Experience I (1)
    • HNRS 480 or 482 – Keystone Experience II (1)
    • HNRS 490 or 492 – Keystone Experience III (1)

Total: 20 credits
*Any four HNRS courses taken at the 2000 level meet the explorations area of the Fisher Core.

Note: Students must maintain a 3.30 cumulative grade point average. Honors core courses may not be taken S/U.

Transfer students may be admitted into the Honors Program. Most transfer students admitted into the program under the 2022-2023 university bulletin requirements do not take HNRS 101 or HNRS 1299.  The core exemption that a transfer student is granted for the exploration area of the Fisher Core determines the number of HNRS courses that the honors student must take at the 2000-level.
All transfer students will complete at least HNRS 201 and the 3 keystone experiences.


Honors Students and the Fisher Core

Students who are accepted into the Honors Program also complete all areas of the Fisher Core; however, honors students must enroll in HNRS 1299 as the required Research-Based Writing course.  The four HNRS core courses that are required at the 2000 level take the place of the exploration core courses taken by the rest of the student population. Please see the director of the Honors Program for more information.

Honors Program

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