Minor in Biology

For students minoring in biology, all courses designated as biology courses (BIOL) that may be applied to the minor are included in the determination of the grade point average in the minor. A grade point average of 2.00 is required for all courses taken in residence that may be applied to the minor.


  • BIOL 151 – General Biology I (4)
  • BIOL 152 – General Biology II (4)
  • BIOL 251 – General Biology III (4)
  • At least two additional 3- or 4- credit courses, one of which must be at the 300 level or above, excluding BIOL 490, 496, and 498, Honors contracts, and Fisher Core courses.

Total: 18-20 credits

Note: Although 100 level courses in biology may be used to fulfill this requirement, no courses from the foundational areas of Core 2020 may apply. These areas include Learning Community, Research-Based Writing, and Data Analysis.