Barbara Lowe (Philosophy), Ethics Minor Advisor
Linda MacCammon, (Religious Studies), Chair
Timothy Madigan (Philosophy), Chair

Jointly administered by the religious studies and philosophy departments, the ethics minor is an interdisciplinary program that is open to students from all majors who seek a coherent program of study in the field of applied and professional ethics. As a multi-departmental program, the ethics minor complements major programs of study, preparing students for the complexities of the workplace, as well as for graduate studies in numerous fields, including medicine, business, communications, social work, and law.

The goals of the minor are as follows:

  • Promote the importance of ethics and moral leadership in creating a good life, academically, personally, and professionally
  • Provide students with a solid foundation of ethical principles, values, and norms, as well as the fundamentals of practical moral reasoning
  • Enhance students' critical thinking and leadership skills so that they can develop creative solutions to ethical questions, problems, and conflicts they'll encounter in their personal and professional lives
  • Offer students opportunities for sustained study of ethical issues in their chosen disciplines

Ethics (Minor)

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