Jane Snyder, Pre-Law Coordinator, Political Science and Legal Studies

Pre Law at Fisher

The pre-law experience at St. John Fisher College includes participation in activities including mock trial and the Pre-Law Association, as well as personalized advising. While there is no single major that best prepares students for law school, students often choose to major in  Legal Studies, Political Science, American studies, criminology, economics, English, history, philosophy, psychology, or sociology.

Legal Internship

All students interested in pre-law or legal studies should pursue relevant internships in those areas. Legal studies majors have a required internship component in their program of study. Students interested in pre-law who are not majoring in legal studies are encouraged to work with the College’s pre-law coordinator, the chair of the Department of Political Science and Legal Studies, the College's pre-law advisor in the Center for Career and Academic Planning, or their academic advisors, to develop legal internships compatible with their majors. Internships may be credit- or non-credit-bearing experiences, although POSC 495, the required internship for legal studies majors, and POSC 490,491,492 (Political Science and Legal Studies DC Internships), are credit-bearing.

Pre-Law Student Association

Students interested in pre-law are encouraged to join and be active in the Pre-Law Student Association. The association is a student-run organization dedicated to enhancing students’ pre-professional interest and understanding of law, and to provide students with a way to network and become acquainted with like-minded students. Among regular association activities are guest speaker presentations from a variety of legal occupations, trips to law schools, and other on and off campus activities.

Mock Trial

Students interested in pre-law are encouraged to participate in the Pre-Law Student Association's mock trial team. The mock trial team is a member of the American Mock Trial Association. It competes in both AMTA-sanctioned and non-AMTA competitions.

3+3 Legal Education Admission Program (LEAP)

St. John Fisher College, in conjunction with the State University at Buffalo School of Law, Syracuse University College of Law, Michigan State University Law School, and Ohio Northern University Petit School of Law, offers the opportunity for a select number of qualified St. John Fisher College students to earn a bachelor of arts degree and a juris doctor degree over the course of approximately six years of full-time study. Eligible students must have:

  • Participated in Fisher's First Year program (i.e. a freshman learning community and the research-based writing course)
  • Completed a minimum of 91 credits at St. John Fisher College through residency, Advanced Placement, or transfer credits including 90 credits of liberal arts
  • Completed the St. John Fisher College Core Curriculum requirements
  • Completed all course requirements of the department(s) or program(s) in which the student is majoring and minoring, with the exception of those department(s) or program(s) that have an agreement in writing to accept courses taken at the law school(s) of their choosing as satisfying major requirements
  • A 3.5 GPA at the time of applying to the law school of their choosing and the minimal LSAT score specified by that law school

Other eligibility requirements also apply.

St. John Fisher College will accept a maximum of 30 credits in transfer from the first year of the law program(s) applicable to the bachelor's degree for coursework in which the student has earned a grade of "C" or above. For more information, students interested in LEAP should consult with Jane Snyder, the Fisher LEAP contact and advisor. This consultation should take place during the freshman or sophomore year to discuss and plan for the LEAP application process.

Students interested in the LEAP program should contact Professor Snyder as soon as they start their academic program at Fisher. This program is aimed mainly at entering freshmen and is ill-suited to students transferring to Fisher with an Associate’s Degree.

Pre-Law Opportunities

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