Jenna Rossi, Chair

American studies courses give students the opportunity to better understand the cultures of the United States through the study of literature, arts, history, politics and social movements. American studies encourages students to approach intellectual problems from a variety of perspectives and to understand that different disciplinary approaches can complement each other and may result in more creative answers to questions of both historical and contemporary interest.

The American studies major offers a balanced educational experience in the humanities and social sciences. The major prepares students to live meaningful lives as informed citizens, aware of their rights and responsibilities in an increasingly complex global environment. The American studies department supports and encourages majors to consider taking advantage of one of the many study abroad opportunities offered by the College.

Through the study of various dimensions of past and present American society and culture, American studies majors:

  • Understand interdisciplinary approaches to the study of American culture.
  • Develop the ability to conduct research in areas in the general scope of American studies and communicate the results of such research.
  • Become qualified and prepared for careers in professions such as education, law, public administration, and business, as well as for advanced study in American Studies and related fields..

Teaching Certification

The American studies major provides both the content and the habits of mind necessary for students to become dynamic teachers. American studies is an approved content major/area for inclusive childhood education and for adolescence social studies teaching certification.

American Studies

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