Jill Swiencicki (English), Program Director

Faculty Advisors: Katrina Arndt (Education), David Baronov (Sociology), Lisa Cunningham (Interdisciplinary Studies), Emily Dane-Staples (Sport Management), Melissa Ghera (Psychology), Maria Gonzalez-Smith (Political Science), Barbara Lowe (Philosophy), Cynthia Ricci McCloskey (Nursing), Barbara Rockell (Sociology), Marta Rodríguez-Galán (Sociology), Jennifer Rossi (American Studies), Jebaroja Singh (Sociology), Arlette Miller Smith (English and African American Studies), Deborah Uman (English), Carolyn Vacca (History), Pao Vue (Sociology), Nancy Wilk (Nursing)

The Women and Gender Studies Minor is an interdisciplinary series of courses that investigate how our lives are affected by gender in its relationship with race, class, sexuality, religion, nationality, (dis)ability, and technology. WGST courses are organized around feminist research, methods, and theory, and integrate personal, academic and policy issues into all topics of inquiry. In WGST, students find a vibrant and supportive community of peers, close interaction with faculty from across the college, and opportunities to take on a wide range of leadership roles on campus and beyond.

Students Who Minor in Women and Gender Studies

  • Develop written, visual and oral communication skills across social and cultural differences, genres, technologies and contexts.
  • Engage multiple perspectives on complex social issues.
  • Identify cultural norms, assess their power structures and implications, and respond effectively.
  • Apply interdisciplinary methods of research and analysis to real-world problems for social and community transformation and active citizenship.

The Women and Gender Studies Minor is designed to be a crucial intellectual complement for students planning careers in law, business, media, politics, international relations, science, health professions, social and community service, and education.

Women & Gender Studies (Minor)

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