Virginia Borden Maier, Health Professions Advisor

Students attending St. John Fisher College may plan a program which will allow them to apply to any of the health-related professional schools in fields such as medicine, dentistry, optometry, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, podiatry, chiropractic medicine, physical therapy, or public health. These schools actively seek students with strong science backgrounds who are liberally educated and have diverse interests and talents.

"Pre-health" is not a college major. The majority of pre-med and other pre-health students are biology or chemistry majors, but students intending to enter the health professions may choose any academic major. Academic prerequisites vary among professional schools, but most programs require a minimum of:

  • One year of biology with labs
  • Two years of chemistry (general and organic) with labs
  • One year of physics with labs
  • One year of college English

Courses in psychology and sociology are strongly recommended, as well as biochemistry, statistics, anatomy and physiology. The range of excellent humanities and social science courses available at St. John Fisher College provide pre-health students with a well-rounded perspective on society and health.

Students interested in a career in the health professions are urged to make contact with the Health Professions advisor during, or even prior to, their first semester at Fisher so that they may receive guidance as they pursue their subsequent studies. Workshops and information meetings occur each semester that assist students in understanding all aspects of the preparation process, from choosing courses to preparing for pre-professional exams, selecting schools, preparing for the interview, and making decisions regarding acceptances and alternatives.

When it is time to apply to the various professional schools, the Health Professions advisor also assists students in the intense application process and provides them with the composite evaluation letter required by many of the professional schools.

Pre-Health Professions

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