Gary Maggs, Chair

Monica Cherry, Lauren Kocman, Ben Niu, Clair Smith

Economics as a liberal arts discipline emphasizes the study of analytical and critical skills. Such skills are in heavy demand in today’s fast-changing work world, and newly graduated economics majors will find that their flexibility, global perspectives, and analytical abilities are great assets for whatever career choices are made. As evidence of the way in which an economics background builds analytical ability, studies have shown that economics majors score among the highest on the Law School Admission Test. Furthermore, economics majors are also highly valued in education, business, government, finance, and human services. Therefore, career possibilities for economics majors are almost limitless and are projected to further improve as a significant number of baby boomers begin to retire and vacate senior positions in all sectors of the economy.

The Washington Experience: Fisher Semester in Washington

Economics majors may avail themselves of The Washington Experience, a semester in Washington, DC. Please refer to The Washington Experience for details.


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