Kris H. Green, Chair

Bruce Blaine,** Daniel Cass, Ryan Gantner, Anne K. Geraci, Scott Harrison,* Erica Johnson,** Elizabeth Leboffe,** Mark McKinzie, Donald L. Muench, Bernard Ricca, Erik Winarski

*On leave, Fall 2015
**On leave, Spring 2016

The Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences offers majors in computer science, statistics, and mathematics. This administrative department and its majors emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication while stressing interdisciplinary learning.

The computer science major aims to:

  • Provide training in the theoretical and practical aspects of computer science. With attention to applications in science and business, the major directs students toward future graduate study or employment.
  • Provide its majors with a general education in computer science and an advanced knowledge of systems and software security through a combination of specialized and general courses.

The major in computer science leads to a B.S. degree.

Computer Science

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