Daryl Hurd, Chair

Noveera Ahmed, Michael Boller,* Kaitlin Bonner, Christopher Collins, Gregory Cunningham, Jonathan Falanga, Edward Freeman, Maryann Herman,** Virginia Borden Maier, Jonelle Mattiacio, Jonathan Millen, Fernando Ontiveros, Kristin Picardo, Michele Saul, Kathleen Savage

*On leave, Fall 2015
**On Leave, Spring 2016

The mission of the Biology Department at St. John Fisher College is to provide a foundation in the biological sciences for Biology majors, students in other departments whose degree requirements include Biology, and students who utilize biology to satisfy elements of the College Core. Within the context of a liberal arts education and with strong emphasis on hands-on experience and personalized instruction, the Biology Department seeks to help all students think about and analyze the world from a biological perspective. We prepare students for graduate studies in the natural sciences and health professions and/or a wide variety of careers in industry, business, and the public sector.

The department offers both a B.A. and a B.S. degree in Biology.

B.A. Biology

The Bachelor of Arts in Biology allows a student more time to study other areas of the liberal arts as well as an opportunity to pursue a double major. The B.A. degree may be of special interest to persons who want to combine another major such as chemistry, management, or education with their biology major. If a second major is not pursued, the student is required to complete a minor program in another area of study.

B.S. Biology

The Bachelor of Science in Biology is recommended for students who want a concentrated biological sciences program. Students pursuing a B.S. degree may complete a minor program, but are not required to do so.

Health Professions

The Pre-Health Professions Program is for students interested in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, optometry, podiatry, veterinary medicine, chiropractic medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy, public health, and health care-related careers other than nursing. Students interested in nursing should refer to the Wegmans School of Nursing. A degree in biology is not required for admission to medical, pharmacy, and other health professional schools, but certain science courses are required for admission and in preparation for standardized admissions tests. Students contemplating careers in the health professions should consult with the Health Professions advisor as early in their college careers as possible.


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