James R. Bowers, Chair

Kathleen Donovan, John Harman, Sebastien Lazardeux, Wesley Renfro, Jane C. Snyder

In Political Science, students explore the world, the nation, and the law. Through their explorations, students see how politics affects almost every dimension of what goes on around us. Political Science also provides an excellent background for a broad range of careers and advanced study, including graduate school, law school, government service, applied politics, commerce, and industry. In preparing students to face and understand an ever-changing nation and world, Political Science equips students with not only a solid background in various elements of politics, but also in the analytical, research, and communication skills necessary for success in the workplace, their community, and as citizens.

The Political Science major is one of two majors offered by the Department of Political Science and Legal Studies. Political Science at Fisher covers all the major subfields of the discipline, including American government and politics, comparative politics, international relations, political theory, and law and legal studies. Whenever possible, these subfields are examined in terms of theoretical and applied considerations and implications. To gain a more in-depth understanding beyond the required courses, Political Science majors are strongly encouraged to focus their electives in just one subfield. Majors are also encouraged to pursue a second major in a field such as Legal Studies, International Studies, or Economics.

Political Science

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