Kris H. Green, Chair

Bruce Blaine,** Daniel Cass, Ryan Gantner, Anne K. Geraci, Scott Harrison,* Erica Johnson,** Elizabeth Leboffe,** Mark McKinzie, Donald L. Muench, Bernard Ricca, Erik Winarski

*On leave, Fall 2015
**On leave, Spring 2016

The Department of Mathematical and Computing Sciences offers majors in mathematics, computer science and statistics. This administrative department and its majors emphasize critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication while stressing interdisciplinary learning.

The mathematics major aims to:

  • Offer all students the opportunity to make contact with classical and modern mathematics.
  • Allow students who elect mathematics as a major to prepare adequately for graduate work in mathematics or applied mathematics, secondary school teaching certifications, or employment in business or industry such as work in the actuarial sciences.
  • Provide background courses in areas of pure and applied mathematics.

The major in mathematics may lead to either the B.A. or the B.S. degree. For the B.S. degree there are five different options: actuarial mathematics, computer science, mathematics, natural science, or physics.


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