Marc Papé,* Program Director

Faculty Advisors: David Baronov (Sociology), Rubén Gómez (Modern Languages and Cultures), John Harman (Political Science), Merouane Lakehal-Ayat (Management), Thomas Tyson (Accounting), Stephen Valone (History)

*On leave, Fall 2015

The International Studies program is designed to prepare professionals and scholars working in the global arena to address contemporary world issues through interdisciplinary perspectives. The major relies upon a foundation of courses in international politics, history, and economics. In addition, students study a foreign language of their choice. They also choose an area of concentration in which they take a cluster of courses pertaining to a geographical area of the world and a traditional functional theme, such as International Organizations, Global Business, International Security, or Human Rights and Development. Each major gains experience in individual research through a capstone research project which is completed in the senior year. This project requires an application of the various disciplinary approaches which have been explored to an original thesis concerning a topic of international significance. The International Studies program prepares students to pursue careers in business, education, government, international communications, and law.

The Washington Experience: Fisher Semester in Washington

International Studies majors may avail themselves of The Washington Experience, a semester in Washington, D.C. See The Washington Experience section for details.

St. John Fisher students also have access to a Washington semester internship and academic study program through the Political Science department. All ISPR majors are encouraged to consider participation in these programs. (Further information is available from the Director.)

International Studies

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