Program Requirements

The Washington Experience consists of three courses:

  • The internship itself, DEPT 475.
  • An academic seminar, DEPT 476, selected from a variety of topics.
  • A participatory forum, DEPT 477, which provides an opportunity to meet various Washington insiders and take part in briefing sessions on a number of current social and legislative issues.

Course Descriptions

DEPT 475 Washington Experience: Internship (6–9)
A semester internship in Washington, D.C., with a government or private organization.

DEPT 476 Washington Experience Seminar (3–6)
A semester seminar course offered in Washington, D.C., on a topic of current public interest.

DEPT 477 Washington Experience Forum (1–3)
Participation in a series of occasional lectures and briefing sessions with representatives of governmental and private organizations.

Note: Courses 475, 476, and 477 must be taken concurrently. The courses are offered in conjunction with The Washington Center and are arranged by TWC as a residential program for St. John Fisher College students in Washington, D.C. Credit hours for each course are determined by the individual department in which the courses are taken. Course grades will be determined by (1) the evaluation of the student’s work in the internship, seminar, and forum by TWC staff and internship supervisors and (2) the quality of the student’s portfolio (the record of the student’s work) both by the TWC staff and the Fisher faculty supervisor. The Fisher supervisor may assign other work in addition to TWC requirements. In no case will the total credits exceed 16.

The Washington Experience: Fisher Semester in Washington

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