Jeremy Sarachan (Media and Communication), Chair

In the 21st century, video games have developed into a major media industry, with games sales surpassing movie box office receipts. At college and universities, the study of video games encompasses both fundamentals of game design/production and narrative/social approaches to interpreting and analyzing games. The minor in video game design requires students to engage in a two-semester sequence in creating video games using industry-standard tools (designed for programmers and non-programmers alike).

In addition to this core of design courses, students may choose from a variety of game-related options. This mix of courses allows students to explore more design-based approaches via classes on mobile development, artificial intelligence, computer graphics, or to delve into cultural aspects of gaming, including courses on video game history, writing for games, and stories and games. The video game minor compliments many different majors, as the interdisciplinary nature of games allows for students to bring expertise and ideas from their primary course of study into the study of games (e.g., cognitive psychology and gaming; the business of games).

Video Game Design (Minor)

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