Kimberly Chichester, Chair

The objectives of the Department of Chemistry are to prepare students for graduate work in chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmaceutical chemistry; for professional schools (e.g., medical, dental, pharmacy, veterinary, law); for positions in industrial laboratories such as chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetics, etc.; or for positions in secondary education, as well as to provide the introduction to chemistry required of students of other disciplines for success in their respective professions.

Students majoring in chemistry may earn a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree. These differ in the number of required courses in mathematics and chemistry. Because of the great diversity that exists in the field of chemistry, even at the undergraduate level, the B.S. candidate may choose either the traditional degree program or a program that concentrates in pharmaceutical chemistry. The department also offers a distinct major in biochemistry. See Biochemistry for details.

Students seeking adolescence teaching certification in chemistry may follow a degree plan leading to a Bachelor of Science in Inclusive Adolescence Education – Chemical Education, or they may choose to earn a Bachelor of Science in Inclusive Adolescence Education with a concentration in chemistry. The department also offers a B.A. in Chemistry with Inclusive Adolescence Education, but that is primarily for students who are receiving the Noyce Inspire Scholarship.

The Department of Chemistry has been approved by the Committee on Professional Training of the American Chemical Society. The student who earns the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, or the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry – Pharmaceutical Chemistry, is certified to the Society as having met its standards for professional training in chemistry at the bachelor’s level.


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