Francisco Plata (Modern Languages and Cultures), Program Director


The departments of nursing, modern languages and cultures, and sociology have developed a sequential program to prepare students in the health professions for the realities of the workplace, which include a growing Spanish-speaking population. While the curriculum closely parallels that in the nursing program, it also serves other health-related programs offered by the College, such as biology, chemistry, public health, psychology, and sociology.

The minor (20 credits) includes Spanish language training, Latino cultural practice, specialized health-related vocabulary, and community health issues, culminating in a community health internship experience in a Spanish-speaking health-related facility.


The certificate program (15 credits) targets working individuals who seek employment or are currently employed in a health-care setting. It does not include the internship component, as participants may apply their learning in their immediate work environment. Many area health-care institutions currently offer a tuition assistance program to their employees. Certificate applicants must take the Spanish language courses at Fisher or receive the permission of the program director.

Spanish/Latino Culture for the Health Professions (Minor/Certificate Program)

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