Kris H. Green, Chair

The statistics major reflects the American Statistical Association guidelines for undergraduate programs in statistical science. Accordingly, the statistics major emphasizes five (5) content areas:

  • Statistical Methods and Theory. This domain includes statistical theory, experimental and other study design, statistical models, and data analytic methods.
  • Data Science. This domain includes statistical programming, algorithmic thinking, simulation-based statistical techniques, and skills for managing and manipulating data and doing reproducible statistical science.
  • Mathematical Foundations. This domain includes calculus and linear algebra and the mathematical foundations of probability and statistics. Emphasis is on connections between mathematical concepts and statistical applications.
  • Statistical Practice and Problem Solving. This domain includes communication and collaboration skills and opportunities for statistical practice and problem solving. Problem solving experiences emphasize real research questions, dealing with messy data, using an array of statistical tools, and drawing appropriate conclusions.
  • Discipline-Specific Knowledge. This domain is addressed in the requirement that all Statistics majors have a minor or second major. The program provides opportunities for students to apply statistical reasoning to disciplinary questions and problems.

Although a minor in statistics is not offered, students may be interested in the minor in data analytics.


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