Minor in Strategic Communication

Strategic Communication Minor Requirements
COMM 270 Introduction to Public Relations (3)
COMM 281 Introduction to Advertising (3)
COMM 349 Media Management & Economics (3)
Choose 9 credits: COMM 250 Speech Comm –OR–
COMM 353 Public Speaking
COMM 253 Business Communication
COMM 267 Social Media Management
COMM 272 PRIMA Practicum (1)
COMM 346 Media Law
COMM/PSYC 352 Group Dynamics
COMM 363 Media Research & Analytics
COMM 372 Public Relations Case Studies
COMM 374 Nonprofit Management
COMM/SPST 375 Sport and Social Media
COMM 376 PR Writing
COMM 377 Media Relations
COMM 381 Ad Portfolio Development
COMM 383 Creative Ad Writing
COMM 445 Advanced Media Management Research
COMM 448 Bateman Practicum (1)
COMM 449 Media Entrepreneurship
COMM 472 Advanced PR Program and Management
COMM 481 Advertising Strategy and Production
DIGC 245 SQ Visualizing Data
Total (18)

Note: In general, only one course applied to a student’s major may also be used to satisfy a requirement in the strategic communication minor. A grade point average of 2.00 is required of courses taken in residence in the minor. However, marketing majors who are strategic communication minors may overlap COMM 253 and COMM 270 if COMM 270 is chosen as a marketing elective option in the major.