Melissa Ghera, Chair

Kimberly McClure Brenchley, Timothy Franz, Eileen Merges,* Laura Phelan, Dawn Rager, Ryan Thibodeau

*On leave, Fall 2017

Psychology is the science of behavior and the physiological and cognitive processes associated with behavior. Psychology is also the profession that applies the science of behavior to practical problems. Psychology is an interdisciplinary scientific field that draws on theories, concepts, and methods of inquiry from neighboring natural science and social science disciplines. All inquiry in psychology is guided by the scientific method, a process of answering questions about behavior that involves forming theoretical explanations and testing those theories against real-world observations.

The psychology department at St. John Fisher College offers the following undergraduate degree programs:

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology

The B.A. program prepares students for advanced degree programs at the master’s level and higher, and provides ample flexibility for students who want to combine their interests in psychology with their studies in another area (e.g., business, education, pre-law, pre-med). Students in the B.A. program must have a minor area of study, choosing from a wide variety of programs in consultation with their advisors.

Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology

The B.S. program places greater emphasis on research experience, quantitative skills, and breadth of study in the subfields of psychology, and is best suited for students who plan to pursue graduate degrees in psychology or related fields. A minor is not required of students in the B.S. psychology program.