Learning Outcomes

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Goal #1 Students will understand the academic requirements for specific careers in the sciences.

  • Research career options in the sciences
  • Articulate potential career paths and describe why these are or are not a good fit
  • Determine the types of training required for specific careers

Goal #2 Students will become connected to the larger scientific community.

  • Describe the benefits of memberships in professional societies
  • Participate in an experiential learning program

Goal #3 Students will be able to communicate across disciplines and will develop interdisciplinary thinking.

  • Present a poster of the student’s original research project to an academically diverse audience
  • Participate in an interdisciplinary exploration of scientific research

Goal #4 Students will be able to conduct experimental independent research.

  • Referencing previous studies, develop an original, testable research question
  • Write/explain the procedures necessary for answering the research question
  • Discussion and conclusion are well-supported and documented

Science Scholars Program

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