Learning Outcomes

Program Goals and Student Learning Outcomes

Goal #1 Students will identify and analyze problems, and create strategic solutions by applying knowledge and research of media industries.

  • Students will evaluate media history from cultural, technological, and economic perspectives.
  • Students will apply research (quantitative/qualitative) to develop skills of critical thinking and analysis in order to solve industry or academic-oriented problems.

Goal #2 Students will consider both ethics and issues of diversity and global awareness to inform strategic decisions.

  • Students will analyze ethical decision making in the media industry as it reflects issues of race, class, global cultures, and gender.

Goal #3 Students will have strong verbal and presentation skills.

  • Students will demonstrate the ability to prepare and present an oral presentation or performance in a way that displays an understanding of their audience and confidence in their delivery.

Goal #4 Students will have strong skills in writing.

  • Students will write grammatically correct and in the appropriate professional manner with a specific purpose for an intended audience.

Goal #5 Students will demonstrate skills in visual production and communication technologies.

  • Students will develop an understanding of the formal (aesthetic) aspects of design and visual communication.
  • Students will demonstrate cross-platform (web, mobile, broadcast, video, print) storytelling skills.

Media Management

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