• PSJS-199C RW Research-Based Writing (3)

    Students learn the basics of writing an academic research paper in this discipline. Emphasis is on elements of persuasive argumentation, the inclusion of more than one perspective on an issue, the proper use and documentation of sources, and revision. Students also learn how to make an effective oral presentation of their research. Department-determined topic may change from semester to semester and is likely to include literary texts as primary materials. Restricted to freshmen and transfers. Note: 199C courses may not be taken for credit more than once. Spring 2011: Topic: “Issues in Peace & Social Justice Studies.”

    Attributes: RW YLIB
    Restrictions: Including: -Class: Freshman, Sophomore
  • PSJS-250P P5 Soc Change Thru Service (3)

    This course explores the ways public service promotes social justice and creates positive and meaningful social change in communities. Students explore what it means to serve others through citizen activism and involvement, and compare and contrast different service-learning models with respect to issues of poverty, race and gender. Students enhance their learning through a 20-hour service learning project at a Rochester-area service site. Experience at the site is reflected upon through written assignments, class discussions, and presentations.

    Attributes: P5 YLIB ZCIV
  • PSJS-260P P5 Global Issues in P&SJ (3)

    Through a series of articles, case studies, and films, the course will explore global issues in peace and social justice from an international perspective. Areas of study will include international politics and economics, poverty and hunger, differences in cultural norms and values, warfare and terrorism, and the possibilities for world peace. In engaging these issues, students will become globally educated citizens, critically engaging other cultures while developing respectful and realistic approaches to the pressing problems that threaten human existence.

    Attributes: ISFS P5 YLIB
  • PSJS-270 CC Ethics & World Ecology (3)

    This course explores the intersection of ethics, ecology, and religion as they play out in differing cultural contexts. Attention will focus understanding the current ecological state of the planet, and the part religion and ethics play in shaping human attitudes and rules of conduct for environmental care and preservation. Through the works of key religious and ecological ethics thinkers from around the world, students will examine how they employ different perceptions of the environment and different ethical and religious views to resolve major environmental challenges that affect us all.

    Attributes: CC ISFS YLIB
  • PSJS-275 P3 Sustainable Futures (3)

    This course explores the fundamentals of sustainability and analyzes the tools for sustainable development. The course provides an overview of the major aspects of living sustainably including sustainable energy, farming, fishing, forestry, and ‘smart growth? land use. Students will explore what new decision-making models, public policies, and behavioral changes will be required to initiate sustainable practices that engage communities.

    Attributes: P3 YLIB
  • PSJS-496 Independent Study (1 TO 3)

    Students may initiate and carry out a proposal or project for independent work to complete the ethics minor under the supervision of a member of the Ethics Minor Advisory Committee. Completion of the Independent Study/Tutorial Authorization form is required.

    Attributes: YLIB

Ethics (Minor)

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