Program Requirements

Master of Business Administration

Depending on their prior academic work, students can complete the degree requirements within 30 to 48 credit hours of graduate-level courses. Students typically progress through the foundation, the core, and the concentrations, as explained below. Applicants who wish to be considered for exemptions from foundation-level courses will be individually reviewed as part of the application process.


The number of credits for each course is designated in parentheses after the course title.

Foundation Courses - 18 credits (may be waived)

Applicants who wish to be considered for exemptions from foundation-level courses will be individually reviewed as part of the application process. Learn more about foundation course waivers.

  • GMGT 573 - Financial Accounting Fundamentals (3)
  • GMGT 576 - Statistics for Managers (3)
  • GMGT 579 - Organization Structure and Process (3)
  • GMGT 580 - Economic Foundations and Practice (3)
  • GMGT 585 - Financial Management I (3)
  • GMGT 590 - Operations Management (3)

Core Courses - 18 credits

  • Choose ONE:
    • GMGT 641 - Project Management (3)
    • GMGT 643 - Quantitative Methods and Introductory Analytics (3)
  • GMGT 680 - Marketing Concepts and Strategy (3)
  • GMGT 681 - Business Strategy and Policy (3)
  • GMGT 682 - Financial Management II (3)
  • GMGT 685 - Leadership Development (3)
  • GMGT 699 - MBA Assessment (0 credits)
  • Choose ONE based on your concentration:
    • GMGT 694 - Capstone Project Experience (open to all concentrations except accounting) (3)
    • GMGT 695 - Accounting Theory & Research (accounting concentration only) (3)

Concentration Courses - 12 credits

Concentration courses (chosen from below) to equal 12 credits.

Accounting Concentration
  • GMGT 647 - Advanced Topics in Federal Taxation (3)
  • GMGT 648 - Accounting and Business Analytics (3)
  • GMGT 649 - Commercial Law and Professional Responsibilities (3)
  • Choose ONE:
    • GMGT 638 - Managerial Economics (3)
    • GMGT 671 - Forensic Accounting (3)
    • GMGT 672 - Valuation (3)
General Management Concentration
  • GMGT 6XX - GMGT Electives (3)*

*There are special topics (671/672) and other elective courses offered each semester on a rotating basis from which you can select coursework to comprise the required 12 credit hours. New courses are added and others dropped as the business worlds changes. Consult with your advisor as needed for course selection. Any combination of special topics and elective courses will satisfy the 12 credit general management concentration requirement.

Health Systems Management Concentration
  • GNUR 704 - Advanced Technology and Information Systems for Clinical Management (3)
  • GNUR 706 - Healthcare Systems, Policy & Law (3)
  • GNUR 707 - Biostatistics and Epidemiology (3)
  • GNUR 710 - Complex Population Health (3)
Pharmaceutical Industry Concentration
  • PHAR 3123 - Clinical Application of Epidemiology I (2)
  • PHAR 3135 - Healthcare Delivery (3)
  • PHAR 3218 - Introduction to Diversity (1)
  • PHAR 3226 - State Pharmacy Law (2)
  • PHAR 4135 - Communications and Counseling Skills (3)
  • PHAR 4223 - Clinical Application of Epidemiology II (2)
  • PHAR 4236 - Population-Based Healthcare (2)
  • PHAR 5125 - Ethics in Pharmacy Practice (2)
  • PHAR 5225 - Federal Pharmacy Law (2)
  • PHAR 5236 - Managing Practice and Personnel (3)

Note: (PHAR 4135 or 3226/5225) and (PHAR 4236 or 5236) are required. Pharmacy classes are offered during the day.

Total: 48 credits

Joint Doctor of Pharmacy and Master of Business Administration (Pharm.D./MBA)

The School of Business and the Wegmans School of Pharmacy at St. John Fisher College have a joint degree program. The goal of the cooperative program is to educate students to assume the responsibilities associated with management, executive, and administrative positions within the pharmaceutical industry, as well as health care delivery systems that provide pharmaceutical information, services, and products to patients.

Candidates for this joint program must first meet the entrance and admissions requirements for the Doctor of Pharmacy program. Students may apply to the MBA program after successful completion of their first professional year in pharmacy by completing a Petition for Change of Program form, available through the Office of the Registrar. Pharmacy students who have at least 90 credit hours of coursework may take MBA foundation classes prior to applying to the joint program, consistent with current graduate school policy. Pharmacy students may complete up to 18 credit hours of foundation courses prior to applying to the joint program, provided satisfactory grades are achieved and the student remains in good standing.

For the Joint Pharm.D./MBA program, up to 18 credit hours can be shared between both degree programs through the MBA concentration (12 credit hours) and pharmacy electives (6 credit hours) areas. Through this joint program, students will meet the degree requirements for both programs with a maximum of 181 credit hours, depending on an applicant’s course history. Any course waivers will reduce this maximum number.

Up to 6 credits of foundation or core MBA courses can be used as elective credits within the pharmacy curriculum, thus reducing the pharmacy coursework to 145 credit hours. Additionally, the coursework that a student takes as part of the pharmacy curriculum will be counted to satisfy the 12 credit hours of concentration coursework required of the MBA curriculum, thus reducing the MBA curriculum to a minimum of 18 (36 maximum) credit hours.

Pharmacy students wishing to participate in this opportunity will work with their academic advisor, the associate dean for academic affairs in the Wegmans School of Pharmacy, and the director of the MBA program in the School of Business to choose appropriate coursework. Additionally, questions concerning financial aid/billing should be directed to Student Financial Services.

Students will be billed standard tuition costs as associated with the pharmacy program, which can include up to 6 credit hours of MBA coursework approved to satisfy pharmacy electives. Students who take 6 credit hours of MBA foundation coursework in satisfaction of pharmacy elective coursework will not be billed separately for those 6 credit hours, as the courses are included as part of the pharmacy program tuition. MBA courses will be billed at the current per-credit-hour cost of tuition. Students will be billed for these additional courses at the per-credit-hour graduate tuition rate.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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