Recommended Progression

B.A. History

A recommended progression of courses required for the B.A. history major. Please note that if you are also seeking adolescence teaching certification in social studies, there are specific major courses and additional requirements that must be met in addition to the completion of the inclusive adolescence education major. Refer to Additional Requirements for Students Seeking Adolescence Teaching Certification in Social Studies for these requirements. Students should consult Core Requirements for a complete description of the College’s Core.

B.A. History Recommended Progression
FR HIST 101D (3)
HIST 103D (3)
HIST 102D (3)
HIST 104D (3)
SO HIST 291D or 292D (3) HIST Elective (3)
HIST Elective (3)
JR HIST Elective* (3) HIST Elective (3)
SR 300- OR 400-level HIST Elective (3) 300- OR 400-level HIST Elective (3)

*Students are encouraged to take additional history electives, especially in the junior and senior years.