Linda MacCammon, Chair

Religious Studies is the academic study of religion that draws upon multiple disciplines and methodologies to describe, compare, interpret, and explain the origins and function of religion as a cultural phenomenon and human activity.  The goal is to help students acquire religious literacy, which is the acquisition of accurate and credible knowledge about religion and religious traditions so that they understand and appreciate the vital role religion plays in human development and in the formation and evolution of human belief systems, cultures, and societies.

Religious literacy also enables students to examine and clarify their own spiritual perspective, as well as to recognize the misinformation, prejudices, and stereotypes that often fuel religious intolerance and conflict.

To that end, the Religious Studies Department offers courses and programs that provide students with the knowledge, values and skills they need to explore and practice religion authentically, facilitate interfaith and intercultural dialogue, and build cultures of peace and social justice in their personal, professional, and civic lives.

Religious Studies

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