Jonathan Falanga, Health Professions Advisor

Academically qualified students may enter St. John Fisher University in the Pharmacy Early Assurance Program (PHEA). Details about the entrance and completion requirements for the PHEA can be found on the Pharmacy Early Assurance Program page. Students who are not accepted into the early assurance program may still design their undergraduate careers to meet the admissions requirements of Fisher’s Wegmans School of Pharmacy, as well as those of other graduate pharmacy programs.

Pre-pharmacy is not an undergraduate major at St. John Fisher University. Students interested in attending a graduate pharmacy program are encouraged to select a major in the arts and sciences while completing the undergraduate prerequisite courses required of pharmacy schools. Enrollment in a designated major allows students to take full advantage of academic opportunities at the University.

Undergraduate students not in the PHEA Program are eligible to apply to the Wegmans School of Pharmacy under a separate application after completion of 30 semester hours of college coursework. Admission to the School of Pharmacy is a competitive process. Details about the application process are available in the Doctor of Pharmacy section of the Graduate Catalog and on the Pharmacy website.

A summary of the admission requirements for the Wegmans School of Pharmacy follows. Students should review prerequisites for any schools of interest well before beginning the application process.

Wegmans School of Pharmacy Admission Requirements

The following pre-professional coursework, a total of 65 semester credits, must be completed prior to matriculation to the School of Pharmacy:

General Courses (24 credits)

  • English/literature and speech (9 credits): One course must be English composition, one course must be public speaking.
  • Economics (3 credits): microeconomics and/or macroeconomics is recommended.
  • Humanities and/or social/behavioral sciences (12 credits)

Science and Math Courses (41 credits)

  • Calculus (4 credits)
  • Statistics (3 credits)
  • General chemistry (8 credits, with labs)
  • Organic chemistry (10 credits, with labs)
  • Physics (4 credits, with lab)
  • Biology (12 credits, with labs)

Grades below “C” cannot be accepted toward completion of these requirements. All science courses (chemistry, biology, physics) must include a laboratory. Advanced Placement courses are not accepted to satisfy the science course requirements. All pre-professional coursework must be completed at an accredited college/university. Note that other schools of pharmacy may require additional courses, including anatomy and physiology. Consult the health professions advisor for guidance.

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Minimum cumulative and science grade point averages of 2.75 are required to be considered for admission. It should be noted that most students accepted to the program have performed at a much higher level.

Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT)

The Pharmacy College Admissions Test assesses the skills necessary to complete the Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum. Applicants must take the PCAT by January of the year they wish to be considered for fall admission to the Wegmans School of Pharmacy. For more information, visit www.pcatweb.info.


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