Timothy Franz, Chair

The program combines two distinct areas - criminology and criminal justice. This is a purposeful choice to incorporate social sciences theory with practical application in the field. Currently, we serve students who want to pursue careers in three areas - law/law enforcement, social services in criminal justice, and justice advocacy. Students are prepared for careers immediately following graduation as well as graduate education.

The Criminology and Criminal Justice Department balances theory and application for students with a diverse set of backgrounds and interests. Graduates will have the skills to think critically about both crime and justice so they excel at every level of employment. Our focus is on developing the advanced thinking skills and knowledge needed for positions of leadership, across both traditional criminal justice organizations and less traditional organizations that deal with issues of crime and justice

  • The faculty are not just academically trained criminologists; most also have extensive and diverse backgrounds in the field of criminal justice, from law enforcement and corrections to program/policy evaluation and analysis.
  • Our faculty are responsive to the most current scholarly, empirical, and programmatic information available in the national and international study of crime and criminal justice.

The completion of the major leads to the Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and Criminal Justice.

Criminology and Criminal Justice

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