• MGMT-100 Business Majors & Careers (1)

    This course is designed to help students interested in a career in business explore the different majors available in the School of Business and the various career paths and opportunities associated with each major. Students will also learn about the experiential learning opportunities within each major (competitions, service learning, study-abroad, etc.). The class is co-taught by several faculty members from across all disciplines in the School of Business, and guest speakers from the business community will provide the students with career information and advice.

    Attributes: NLIB
    Restrictions: Including: -Class: Freshman, Sophomore
  • MGMT-203 Legal Environ of Business (3)

    A study of those aspects of law which affect business organizations. This includes development of a legal foundation leading to an understanding of the law in today’s society. Basic legal principles are emphasized.

    Attributes: NLIB PLAW
  • MGMT-211 Managing Organiz Behavior (3)

    This course covers the behavior of individuals, teams, and organizations as a whole and the manager’s role at each level. Employee motivation, leadership, decision-making, and the design of the organization to meet internal and external requirements are covered. Special attention is given to interpersonal communication and conflict, diversity, and empowerment in teams. Cases, exercises, and simulations are used.

    Attributes: NLIB
  • MGMT-310 Career Planning (1)

    This course is designed to help the student plan a career within human resources, management and marketing career fields. The student will identify positions of interest and enhance their candidacy for these positions through the practice of professional goal setting, resume preparation, interviewing techniques, mock interviewing, networking and career transition discussions.

    Attributes: NLIB
    Restrictions: Including: -Major: Human Resources Management, Management, Marketing -Class: Junior, Senior
  • MGMT-312 International Bus Mgmt (3)

    This course explores the international environment of business and the nature and form of international business arrangements. Topics covered include: cultural differences; leadership and motivation; legal and economic systems; marketing; human resource management, including the human dynamics of international enterprise; international trade, investment, and phasing in of international activities; foreign currencies; and regional integration. Modes of servicing foreign markets and issues relevant to international strategic management are also considered. The course is designed to integrate the functional aspects of management education into an international perspective.

    Attributes: ISFS NLIB
    Restrictions: Including: -Class: Junior, Senior
  • MGMT-340 Leading Change (3)

    Organizational leadership is practiced on a micro-level as an influence process between individuals and teams. On a macro-level, organizational leadership is a process of transforming institutional culture to ensure the survival and prosperity of the organization. This course addresses values, concepts, and skills related to effective leadership at both levels.

    Attributes: NLIB
  • MGMT-345 Applied Mgmt Research (3)

    This course builds skills for defining researchable questions, which arise in managing organizations and human resources, and for data collection, analysis, and interpretation for answering those questions. The course emphasizes application of skills, as students are required to research a question they have formulated.

    Attributes: NLIB
    Pre-requisites: ECON-221 D- OR MATH-112C D- OR MATH-120C D- OR MSTI-130C D- OR MATH-130C D- OR PSYC-201 D- OR SOCI-280C D-
  • MGMT-346 Leadership Not for Profit (3)

    The course introduces students to issues of leadership that are uniquely associated with running and managing not-for-profit organizations, such as hospitals, charitable organizations, schools and governmental bodies. The course material is supplemented with guest lecturers who are former or current leaders in Rochester-area not-for-profit organizations.

    Attributes: NLIB
  • MGMT-357 Info Tech Management (3)

    This course examines the development and application of information technology (IT) resources in organizations. The conceptual foundations of IT are surveyed and relevant advances are addressed. The course prepares students to be significant contributors to the implementation of organizational information systems both within and outside their functional areas and to participate in the design and redesign of business processes being automated. Issues related to the integration of IT in the social climate of business organizations are addressed from domestic and international perspectives. Includes in-class laboratory assignments, as well as independent/group mini-projects.

    Attributes: NLIB
    Pre-requisites: CSCI-150 D-
  • MGMT-409 Operations Management (3)

    This course involves the study of the operational and managerial issues encountered in the production of goods and services. Topics include productivity and competitiveness, total quality, product and process (technology) development, capacity planning and facility location, production planning, inventory control, and project and service scheduling. Students will be introduced to the use of quantitative and qualitative techniques as decision-making and problem-solving tools for operations managers.

    Attributes: NLIB
    Pre-requisites: ECON-106C D- AND ECON-221 D- AND MSTI-130C D- OR MATH-130C D- OR MATH-112C D- OR MATH-120C D-
  • MGMT-432 Strategic Management (3)

    Strategic Management is the “capstone course” for Business students and provides the students with the opportunity to integrate knowledge gained from previous studies. The strategic management process includes the determination of mission and objectives; analysis of environment; strategy formulation and selection; taking action; and evaluation and control. Issues of globalization, ethics, restructuring, and total quality are addressed in the course. In addition to lectures and discussions, students are required to analyze ‘real-world” business cases and design a project to meet a specific managerial need of an organization. The cases and the team project are written and presented in the class.

    Attributes: NLIB ZCAP
    Pre-requisites: MGMT-211 D- AND MKTG-221 D- AND FINA-315 D-
    Restrictions: Including: -Class: Certificate Student, Senior
  • MGMT-475 Washington DC-Internship (6 TO 9)

    Washington Experience semester is offered through The Washington Center. Permission of the advisor, department chair, and the TWC liaison (Dr. Monica Cherry) is required to register.

    Attributes: NLIB
    Restrictions: Including: -Class: Junior, Senior
  • MGMT-476 Washington DC-Seminar (3 TO 6)

    Washington Experience semester is offered through The Washington Center. Permission of the advisor, department chair, and the TWC liaison (Dr. Monica Cherry) is required to register.

    Attributes: NLIB
    Restrictions: Including: -Class: Junior, Senior
  • MGMT-477 Washington DC-Forum (1 TO 3)

    Washington Experience semester is offered through The Washington Center. Permission of the advisor, department chair, and the TWC liaison (Dr. Monica Cherry) is required to register.

    Attributes: NLIB
    Restrictions: Including: -Class: Junior, Senior
  • MGMT-486 Topics in Mgmt (3)

    This course is used as a vehicle to cover special topics in management that would not normally be offered on a regular basis.

    Spring 2022 Topics:
    Section 01: Foundations of Consulting
    This course focuses on building skills relevant for consulting jobs. It provides an overview of the consulting process and focuses on managing professional relationships for consulting engagements, project management, team dynamics, leadership, and presentation skills. Student teams will engage in a project for a Not for Profit or a For Profit organization/company in Rochester.

    Section 02: Entrepreneurship in Residence
    This course studies the opportunity of creating new ventures with an emphasis on understanding the entrepreneurial mindset and the role of the entrepreneur in identifying opportunities, seeking capital and other resources, and managing the formation of a team and growth of a new venture. Students will work in team to create a business plan that brings to reality an innovative product or service.

    Attributes: NLIB
  • MGMT-491 Internship in Management (1 TO 6)

    Allows students to work in approved professional business management positions in the community. Course assignments will reflect experiential learning gained and will be completed throughout the internship experience. Any student wishing to engage in a second internship opportunity which goes beyond the initial three-credit-hour limit must petition for it by submitting a detailed proposal, describing the new position and its expected benefits, to the internship coordinator. A second internship can only be taken upon approval of the internship coordinator. Academic credit received for a second internship will be considered non-liberal arts elective credit and not applied towards the major.

    Permission of Professor is required to register.

    Graded S/U.

    Attributes: NLIB ZEXL
    Pre-requisites: MGMT-211 D- AND GPA >=2.50
    Restrictions: Including: -Class: Junior, Senior
  • MGMT-493 Career-Bound Seniors (0)

    This non-credit elective course provides senior management majors with assistance in the job search process. Students meet periodically in free period with an experienced faculty mentor who gives career-guidance assistance and socioemotional support. Students are also expected to participate in Career Services programming which includes a resume workshop, mock interviews, and career fairs. Graded S/U.

    Attributes: NLIB
    Restrictions: Including: -Major: Management -Class: Senior
  • MGMT-496 Independent Study (1 TO 3)

    Independent studies allow students and faculty to work on a special topic or project of mutual interest. This option is typically restricted to seniors. A complete plan of study, signed by both the student and the faculty member who has agreed to oversee the work, should be supplied to the chair of the Management Department for approval. Completion of the Independent Study/Tutorial Authorization form is required.

    Attributes: NLIB


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