All firms aim for healthy relationships with customers and markets. Market-oriented, customer focused firms are responsive to environmental changes, satisfy customers better than their competitors, and attain their profit and growth-related objectives. The objective of the marketing major is to prepare students for working in the sales and marketing function of the firm. Students are exposed to uses related to understanding customers, gathering and analyzing market information, and communicating with and building relationships with customers. The marketing program also aims to prepare students for entry into graduate and professional programs in marketing and business administration.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Marketing, students will develop an understanding of:

  • The process by which the firm deploys resources to positioning, products, services, prices, distribution and communication to build long term mutually satisfying relationships between the firm and chosen target customers.
  • The processes and methods by which the firm can collect and draw inferences about customer and market-related information, and draw and disseminate their inferences to managers involved in making marketing decisions.
  • The processes by which they make buying-related decisions and choices in a competitive marketplace.
  • The process by which a firm can build personal relationships with key buyers of marketing goods and services (consumers as well as other businesses, domestic and international) by the use of personal selling, internet tools, and other elements of a communication strategy.
  • The key issues related to distribution of goods and services, and to supply chain systems.

Upon completion of the B.S. in marketing, students will be ready to occupy entry level positions in sales, brand management, and marketing in the industry.