Recommended Progression

B.S. Marketing

Recommended progression of courses required for a B.S. marketing major. Students should consult Core Requirements for a complete description of the College's Core.

Note: Students are encouraged to consult their academic advisors about their individual programs to determine optimum timing for their coursework.

First Year:

ACCT 101, ACCT 102, CSCI 150, ECON 105C, ECON 106C, ECON 221

Second Year:

COMM 253, MGMT 203, MGMT 211, MKTG 221, MKTG Elective 1, MATH 130C (or MATH 112C or 120C)

Third Year:

FINA 315, GLOBAL Course, MGMT 357, MKTG Elective 2, MKTG Elective 3, MKTG Elective 4, PHIL 273C (or REST 386D)

Fourth Year:

MGMT 409, MGMT 432, MKTG Elective 5, MKTG Elective 6, MKTG Elective 7


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