Program Requirements

Requirements for the Philosophy Major

A major in philosophy consists of 33 credits chosen from the department offerings. The total requirement is deliberately kept small to encourage the student to combine courses in philosophy with solid concentrations in such other areas as his or her interests and career goals suggest.

Choose one: PHIL 100C SQ Basic Logic –OR– (3)
PHIL 240C P4 Symbolic Logic
PHIL 211C P2 Ancient Philosophy (3)
PHIL 312C P2 Medieval Philosophy (3)
Choose two: PHIL 313C P2 Modern Philosophy (6)
PHIL 314C P2 Contemporary Philosophy
PHIL 316C P2 Nineteenth-Century Philosophy
PHIL 350C P2 Renaissance Seminar
Philosophy Electives (18)
Total (33)

For students majoring in philosophy, all courses designated as philosophy courses (PHIL) that may apply to the major are included in the determination of the grade point average in the major.

Philosophy and Classical Studies

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