Foek T. Hioe,* Chair

Krsna Dev, Munawar Karim

*On leave, Fall 2016

The physics program is designed to prepare physics majors for:

  • Graduate study in physics or astronomy (B.S. Option I)
  • An industrial or government position in physics or optics (B.A. or B.S. Option I or II)
  • Engineering school (Pre-Engineering Program)
  • A career in science education (B.S. Option II)
  • Medical, dental, optometry, or pharmacy professional school (B.S. Option II)
  • A career in law, especially patent law
  • A career in business management

In addition, the program provides the opportunity for students with an interest in science to gain an understanding of the nature of physical laws and the methodology of physics. One year of high school physics and four years of high school mathematics are assumed.

The degree programs in physics are:

  • Bachelor of Arts: Requires completion of the physics core requirements, plus an additional 12 hours of physics electives.
  • Bachelor of Science: Requires completion of the physics core requirements (33 credits), plus the additional courses specified in Option I or Option II.


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