Recommended Progression

B.A. Media and Communication

Recommended progression of courses required for a B.A. media and communication major. Students should consult Core Requirements for a complete description of the College’s Core.

FR COMM 100 (3) COMM 295 or COMM Elective (3)*
SO COMM 201 (3)
COMM Elective (3)
COMM Elective (3)
COMM Elective or COMM 295 (3)*
JR COMM 300 (3)
COMM 250, 353 –OR– 354 (3)
COMM 322 (1)
Visual Presentation Course (3)
Advanced Writing Course (3)
SR 300 level COMM Elective** (3) 300 level COMM Elective (3)
300 level COMM Elective (3)
COMM 486 (.5)

*COMM 295 may be taken in either the spring semester of the freshman year or the spring semester of the sophomore year. Whichever semester the course is NOT taken, the student should be enrolled in a COMM elective.

**It is strongly suggested that students choose a for-credit internship (COMM 490) as one of the required six electives in the program; however completing an Internship is not mandatory.

Media and Communication

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