Program Requirements

Media and Communication Bachelor of Arts Requirements

The media and communication major at Fisher is writing-based, yet also requires students to develop skills in oral communication, critical thinking/critical analysis, and proficiency with digital technology. A flexible curriculum allows students to tailor their programs closely to their interests.

Program requirements include a departmental “core” of four academic courses and a one-credit career exploration seminar, along with area-selection courses that address oral presentation and advanced writing skills and visual production skills. Elective courses allow students to focus on an area of interest or gain exposure to a variety of topics.

Communication/Journalism Core (13.5)
COMM 100 Introduction to Mass Communication
COMM 201 Communication Theory and Research
COMM 295 Multimedia Writing
COMM 300 Junior Seminar
COMM 322 COMM Careers Seminar (1)
COMM 486 Portfolio Review (.5)
Oral Presentation Course (3)
Choose one*: COMM 250 Speech Communication
COMM 353 Public Speaking
COMM 354 Interviewing
Visual Presentation Course (3)
Choose one*: COMM 219 Design I
COMM 231 Video Storytelling
COMM 269 Web Design
Advanced Writing Course (3)
Choose one*: COMM 301 Journalism I: Reporting and Writing
COMM 304 Magazine Writing
COMM 323 Screenwriting
COMM 376 PR Writing
COMM 383 Creative Ad Writing
COMM 300 Junior Seminar **
COMM Elective Courses
Choose 18 credits:
At least 9 credits chosen at the 300 level or above.
18 credits of COMM coursework (at least 9 credits chosen at the 300 level or above) from a wide selection of conceptual and skills-based courses including additional courses from the area requirement lists above. Students with well-defined career interests in a traditional media area may elect to concentrate among courses in advertising, broadcasting/media production, journalism, design/interactive media, media economics, or public relations. However, formal paths or concentrations are not required and students, in consultation with an academic advisor, should select a set of electives best tailored to their career goals. Students are strongly encouraged to complete at least one internship (COMM 490) for elective credit. (18)
Total: (40.5)

*After the particular area requirement is met from among listed courses, other courses in that area may be taken as electives.

**COMM 300: Junior Seminar may be taken more than once if topic is different

For students majoring in media and communication, all department designated courses (COMM) that may be applied to the major are included in the determination of the grade point average in the major. At least one half of the courses applied to the major—a minimum of 20.5  credits—must be taken in residence at St. John Fisher College.

Media and Communication

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