Program Requirements

Gerontology Minor Requirements

Required Courses (12)
BIOL 206 SQ The Science of Aging  
SOCI 260 P2 Old Age, Senescence and Death  
SOCI 322 Sociology of Aging and Life Course  
Choose one: GTLY 410 Advance Issues in Aging
GTLY 496 Independent Study in Gerontology
Electives (6)
Two elective courses chosen from the list below
Total   (18)

Courses that satisfy the GTLY minor elective requirement include:

CHEM 133 P4 Aging and Geriatric Diseases
ECON 224 Economics of Health Care
NURS 312 Palliative/End of Life Care
NURS 317 Adult/Older Adult Health I
NURS 323 Adult/Older Adult Health II
REST 325 P5 Spirituality and Health
SOCI 226 Sociology of Health and Healing
GTLY 325 Contemporary Issues in Gerontology
GTLY 330 Cross Cultural Aging
GTLY 490* Practicum in Gerontology
GTLY 496* Independent Study in Gerontology
GTLY 497 Research in Gerontology

Note: Only two courses taken to meet major requirements may also be applied to the gerontology minor. A grade point average of 2.00 is required for all courses taken in residence that may be applied to the minor.

*Only one of these courses may be applied as an elective, and only one independent study may be taken for the minor.

Gerontology (Minor)

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