Learning Outcomes

Specific Goals of the Catholic Heritage Minor

  • Identify and articulate some common themes in the Catholic heritage (e.g., faith and reason as a basis for understanding the teachings of the Roman Catholic tradition; the use of imagination in the study of theology; etc.).
  • Recognize and articulate some of these common themes as expressed in the arts, humanities, and physical and social sciences. One of the main purposes of the minor in Catholic heritage is to demonstrate intellectually and practically how the arts and sciences play a key role in the Catholic’s daily life (e.g., a pedagogy that encourages schools/colleges/universities to assist the students “to discover God in all things”).
  • Articulate reasons for studying one’s Catholic heritage in a college like Saint John Fisher which is rooted in the Roman Catholic tradition. After the two required courses in religious studies, the student signs a contract with the department outlining his or her course of studies to complete the Catholic heritage minor with a tentative proposal for how and when the capstone seminar/project/guided study would be completed.
  • Explore at least one of the themes/reasons in a capstone paper or project that would be interdisciplinary. A suitable mentor (from the religious studies department or, if desired, a willing mentor from another department) would guide this key element of the minor.

Catholic Heritage (Minor)

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