Program Requirements

Required Courses in the Catholic Heritage Minor

Courses are selected in consultation with a mentor from the department of religious studies.

Foundational courses (6)
REST 102C P2 Introduction to Roman Catholicism
REST 262C P5 New Testament
THREE courses from at least two of the following departments (9)
PHIL 221C P2 Metaphysics
PHIL 222P P2 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 312C P2 Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 350C P2 Renaissance Seminar
ENGL 170 LC Fantasy and/in History
(Only offered as part of a Learning Community)
ENGL 293 P1 Early English Literature
HIST/REST 250C P2 History of the Papacy
HIST 333 European Catholic Historical Thought
SOCI 490 Internship (in Catholic facilities e.g., Catholic charities, Catholic schools, Catholic family center, Catholic media, etc.)
Capstone Seminar Project: A Reflection on Catholic Heritage (3)
REST 496 Independent Study
Total (18)

Note: A grade point average of 2.00 is required for all courses taken in residence that may be applied to the minor.

Please refer to the appropriate department for descriptions of the above courses.

Catholic Heritage (Minor)

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