Program Requirements

Arts Minor Requirements

Required introductory course (3)
ARTS 102C P1 Encounter with the Arts
FOUR electives, at least two of which must be at or above the 200 level, chosen from (12)
ANTH 110 P1 Myth, Monster, Mystery
ARTS 103 Beginning Painting: Appreciation and Experience
ARTS 105 Beginning Drawing: Appreciation and Experience
ARTS 108C P1 Understanding Music
ARTS 109D CC Film and Society
ARTS 111 Acting and Improv Theatre
ARTS 112D Digital Art
ARTS 120 Basic Music Theory
ARTS 150 P1 Introduction to Dance
ARTS/AMST 201C P1 Picturing the Past
ARTS 202C P1 Composers and Their World
ARTS 203D P1 Art History: 1700 to Present
ARTS 209 Studio Arts: Appreciation and Experience
ARTS 210D P1 Acting Out America
ARTS 212 P1 Acting Out Ireland
ARTS 215D P1 Music in America
ARTS 216 P1 Introduction to Traditional Irish Music
ARTS/LSPN 220D P1 Art of the Hispanic World
ARTS 225 P1 Drawing Ireland
ARTS/MSTD 228D P3 Introduction to Museum Studies
ARTS/MSTD 229D P3 This Old House: Historic Site Administration
ARTS 235 P1 Art in America: 20th Century
ARTS 236 Photo I: Art Photography
ARTS 258 Introduction to Physical Computing
ARTS 259 P1 Interaction Art
ARTS/ENGL 263C P1 Topics in Literature and the Arts
ARTS 266 P1 Spotlight On!
ARTS/AMST 320C P1 Culture and Art in America
ARTS/AMST 321P P1 Culture and Art in America II
ARTS 336 Photo II: Media & Documentary
COMM 231 Video Storytelling
COMM 269 Web Design
COMM 323 Screenwriting
COMM 361 Documentary Production
COMM 362 Interactive Media Design
ENGL 212C P1 Shakespeare at the Movies
ENGL 249 P1 Open Book : Read to Write
ENGL 251 P1 Introduction to Creative Nonfiction
ENGL 253 P1 Introductory Creative Writing
ENGL 371 Creative Writing: Fiction
ENGL 372 Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL 374 Creative Writing: Drama
POSC 125 P1 Painting Politics
REST 299C P1 Biblical Themes in Opera
SOCI 195 P1 Hip Hop Music & Poetry
ONE of the following or any Arts-related 400-level course (3)
Choose one: ARTS 490 Internship
ARTS 496 Independent Study
Total (18)

Note: Only one course applied to a student's major may also be used to satisfy a requirement in the arts minor. A grade point average of 2.00 is required for all courses taken in residence that may be applied to the minor.

Note: Students may also register for a limited number of art courses at Nazareth College, as well as at other area colleges. Consult the program director.

Arts: Visual and Performing Arts (Minor)

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