Learning Outcomes

Student Learning Goals and Objectives

Goal #1 Students will have a critical awareness of aesthetic culture as well as enhanced literacy in one or more of the following: drama, dance, language, music, and visual art.

  • Identify the elements, principles, and form inherent to a work of art
  • Understand the discipline specific terminology connected to an art form.

Goal #2 Students will have an understanding of art, its history, and the philosophical and cultural conditions that influence its creating and interpretation.

  • Identify and analyze a culture’s specific beliefs, biases, and experiences that might be relevant to the creation and interpretation of art.
  • Identify multiple examples how assumptions that have identified are specifically present in a work of art.

Goal #3 Students will create a well-considered original body of work, written and/or visual, in completion of the minor.

  • Create a well-executed work of art and describe how elements, principles, and form were used to reflect the genre.
  • Cite specific examples of art used as inspiration or reference and why those pieces of art were important to the creation of the student’s art work.

Arts: Visual and Performing Arts (Minor)

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