Program Requirements

The 36-credit-hour M.S. in applied data science program offers courses designed for the working professional. The program typically takes two calendar years to complete, although well-prepared students with minimal external obligations may be able to complete it in one calendar year.

Applicants who wish to be considered for course exemptions will be individually reviewed as part of the application process.

Unless otherwise noted, courses are three credits each.

M.S. in Applied Data Science Degree Requirements

Program Requirements for M.S. in Applied Data Science
Required Courses (27)
GDAT 501 Introduction to Statistics for Data Science
GDAT 502 Foundations of Working with Data
GDAT 511 Data Mining & Machine Learning
GDAT 512 Predictive Modeling I
GDAT 514 Databases
GDAT 515 Communicating with Data: Visualization and Presentation
GDAT 613 Predictive Modeling II
GDAT 640 Capstone I
GDAT 641 Capstone II
Electives (9)
Choose three: GDAT 531 Healthcare Analytics
GDAT 532 Education Analytics
GDAT 541 Applied Modeling
GDAT 621 Nonparametric Analysis
GDAT 622 Network Analysis
GDAT 623 Textual Analysis
GDAT 624 Web Analytics
Total (36)

Master of Science in Applied Data Science (M.S.)

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