• HRMG-275 Human Resource Management (3)

    This introductory course to human resource management [HRM] provides students with an overview of the HRM field. Students will be introduced to job analysis, organizational competencies, employee recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management and compensation strategies, termination, voluntary turnover, workplace health and safety, and labor relations. Employment law and labor law are given special attention. Careers in the different HRM fields will be discussed. Development of the student’s communication skills is emphasized throughout the course. In-class activities, simulated experiments, and case discussions add to the student’s learning experiences. Fall 2016 HRMG 275 Section 03 (CRN15368) will be taught on line with an in person final examination.

    Instruction in this section is mainly online. Students will meet virtually to discuss cases, hold debates, and complete group projects. In-person group meetings may, at times, be necessary. This section is open to juniors and seniors only.

    Attributes: NLIB
  • HRMG-338 Staffing Human Resources (3)

    Methods and practices of staffing decisions and the strategic role of staffing in modern business organizations. Covers topics such as job analysis, workforce planning, recruitment, and selection. Includes validation of selection procedures, legal issues, and issues of diversity and ethics. Cases and activities are used to enhance student learning. Formerly offered as MGMT 338

    Attributes: NLIB
  • HRMG-339 Rewarding&Maintaining HR (3)

    This course surveys compensation and reward strategies and the strategic role of total compensation in modern business organizations. Performance management, financial and non-financial incentives, wage and salary administration, benefits, health and safety, discipline, arbitration, downsizing, voluntary turnover, and termination are covered. Ethical and legal considerations in each topic area are given special attention. Cases and activities are used to enhance student learning. Formerly offered as MGMT 339.

    Attributes: NLIB
  • HRMG-348 Developing Human Resources (3)

    Methods and practices used by organizations for human resource development (HRD). Includes a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to assessing HRD needs and designing, implementing and evaluating HRD programs. Covers HRD applications such as employee socialization/orientation, training, career management/development, organizational development, and management development. Cases and activities are used to enhance student learning. Formerly offered as MGMT 348.

    Attributes: NLIB
  • HRMG-483 Special Topics:HRM (1 OR 3)

    An opportunity to study an area of Human Resources Management not regularly offered.

    Fall 2017 Topic: Strategic Human Resources Management This course examines how managers may effectively implement the people-intensive strategies that are rapidly becoming a primary source of competitive advantage. Students will examine the ways in which successful organizations align human resource strategy within business strategy. Areas covered include a review of the legal environment of human resources, personnel planning, staffing and development, reward systems, and industrial relations. This course will cover the concepts and practices that guide and align Human Resource Management philosophy, tactical planning and practice with the strategic and long term goals of the organization, with a particular focus on human capital. Issues will be examined in the context of developing and implementing the overall strategic management of the organization.

    This same topic was offered in the Spring 2017 semester.

    Attributes: NLIB
  • HRMG-491 Internship in HRM (1 TO 3)

    Allows students to work in approved professional human resources positions in the business community. Course assignments will reflect experiential learning gained and will be completed throughout the internship experience. Any student wishing to engage in a second internship opportunity which goes beyond the initial three-credit-hour limit must petition for it by submitting a detailed proposal, describing the new position and its expected benefits, to the internship coordinator. A second internship can only be taken upon approval of the internship coordinator. Academic credit received for a second internship will be considered non-liberal arts elective credit and not applied towards the major.

    Permission of Professor is required to register.

    Graded S/U.

    Attributes: NLIB ZEXL
    Pre-requisites: HRMG-275 D- AND GPA >=2.50
    Restrictions: Including: -Class: Junior, Senior

Human Resources Management

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